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Kama Sutra

Massage Candle (Island Passionfruit)

Warming the candle wax to the consistency of a perfect massage oil in seconds drizzle this scented massage oil onto your hands or directly onto your partner this oil add's enjoyment with a delicate scent and light silky texture.

Shea Butter is a sumptuously rich formula bursting with extra Vitamin E for the ultimate in skin nourishment and the skin conditioning blend of coconut oil adds to the warm and wonderfully emollient massage.

A vibrant mix of ripe melons infused with grapes and luscious red berries accented with violets and raspberry blossoms.

Massage Candle: 6 oz ~170g (35 Hours Burning Time)

Ingredients: Blend of skin conditioning Coconut Oil, Shea Butter And Vitamin E

Test Tempertaure Before Use


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