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Do you prefer Love or Lust?

Everyone’s a winner with this game. Spice things up with the Love or Lust Game. Learn a lover's likes, loves and lusts in this fast-paced game of sexual trivia and foreplay. The Love Cards focus on intimacies to share or can share with a lover.

Lust Cards offer trivia and unique love making ideas that can be act out – Later! Make love more fun or just looking for a new twist to your sex life, this game will ensure you get the good times that you're looking for. Roll the die and see where you end up with this sexy, steamy game.

Game includes:
◾1 game board
◾27 Love cards
◾27 Lust cards
◾2 markers
◾1 Die
◾Game Rules

Language(s): English/Spanish

Number of Players: 2


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