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A Guide to Buying Lingerie as a Gift
April 28, 2017

A Guide to Buying Lingerie as a Gift

It seems romantic and thoughtful to buy lingerie as a gift, especially on an anniversary. However, the task of acquiring beautiful underwear for your partner can be a lot more challenging than you might expect. The following straightforward guide will help you to please your partner and avoid awkward disasters.

Step one: learn about her sizes

It is certainly useful to know your partner's bra size. Buying something that fits will communicate that you are being attentive, and an ill-fitting bra will need to be returned to the store. However, if you only learn one size, make sure it's her dress size. If you buy panties in the wrong dress size, you could end up receiving a furious tirade instead of gratitude and appreciation. Specifically, panties that are too small could leave your partner feeling self-conscious and humiliated when she realized that she can't fit into your gift. Worse, over-sized panties suggest that you see your partner's body as larger than it is, which will hardly make her feel sexy or appealing. In sum, the first thing you need to do is peek into your partner's underwear drawer and make a note of the relevant sizes.

Step two: give some thought to her preferences

Remember that your preferences might not be in line with your partners. For example, while you may enjoy the look of a satin thong, she may find it incredibly uncomfortable or trashy. Alternatively, that classic white bra that you like might seem boring or matronly to her. Look at her collection of lingerie and think about what might fit into the collection without merely duplicating what she owns. When it comes to panties, examine the cuts and shapes of her favorite pairs and try to find gifts that match these designs.

Step three: flatter her figure

You probably know which parts of your partner's body make her happy and which parts draw the most self-criticism. Take this knowledge into consideration when buying lingerie, and make sure that you choose items that will flatter her shape. For example, if she is proud of her flat and toned stomach then a thin slip will make her feel attractive. In contrast, if she always complains about having short legs or dislikes her thighs, sheer stockings might not be the best call.

 Step four: think outside the box

Remember that you are not restricted to buying bras and panties. There are many other types of lingerie that could delight her and add something interesting to her collection. Corsets and basques can be bought for women of all sizes, and they enhance the bust while narrowing the waist (creating a gorgeous hourglass shape). In addition, some of these pieces can be worn with tailored trousers or a flowing skirt, so they could also be used to make sexy new outfits that work outside the bedroom.

Step five: err on the side of caution

Even with all of the above tips under your belt, it is always smart to plan for the worst. Make your purchases from stores that have a lengthy return policy, as basques, corsets and bras can usually be taken back.

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The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Bras
April 28, 2017

The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Bras

Sizing yourself and finding a correctly fitting bra takes time and money. Once you've found your dream bra, though, don't let negligence cut its life short. When it comes to these delicate wardrobe items, a little care and maintenance will help you keep them looking new for years. Here's how.

Wear without the tear

Every time you wear your bra, your skin's natural oils rub off onto the fabric, eventually breaking down elastic, lace and padding. Avoid this by wearing a good, nonstaining deodorant and applying a little powder to control moisture. This is especially useful if your bust is on the larger side. Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row; instead, cycle through a few, washing each one after you've worn it two or three times.

Wash gently

Speaking of washing, you'll likely end up damaging bras by putting them through your washing machine. While mesh lingerie bags are available and do reduce friction and snagging, your best bet is to hand wash your bras. Use a gentle detergent like baby shampoo, castile soap or specially designed lingerie washes. Use warm water, gently squeeze the foam through the cups to loosen any dirt, soak for a few hours, rinse and hang to dry. When drying, bras will retain their shape if you fasten the back and hang them from their straps. For larger cup sizes, look out for plastic bra drying moulds to slip wet bras onto so that they don't crumple.

Store with a little TLC

Bras are constructed using many separate elements to provide support, shape and comfort. This means, however, that they can easily warp or become damaged if stored incorrectly. Avoid hanging bras from one strap, twisting at the gore (the centre panel between the cups), folding or turning padded cups inside out. Instead, invest in a dedicated bra drawer or section of your closet where your bras can be stored carefully. Consider multi-tier hangers with clips, or drawer inserts where bras can be stacked side by side.

Sadly, lingerie and underwear are often forgotten parts of a wardrobe. But because bras can be time-consuming and expensive to buy, it's worth it to make a little effort to preserve them for as long as possible.

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Buying Lingerie That the Woman in Your Life Will Actually Wear
April 28, 2017

Buying Lingerie That the Woman in Your Life Will Actually Wear

Countless men have bought lingerie for their wife or girlfriend only to have it wind up in the bottom of her lingerie drawer after wearing it once, if at all. If you are looking to buy the kind of lingerie you'll love to see, and that the lady in your life will love wearing, look no further! Here are four tips for purchasing the king of lingerie that you will both enjoy.

  1. Before you shop, check your motives.

For women, romance begins long before you ever enter the bedroom. If you've noticed a decline in sexual intimacy in your relationship and believe purchasing lingerie will fix it, you may need to reconsider your options. Buying lingerie for a woman that is not feeling comfortable with you could have a negative impact on your romantic situation. If you are simply looking to surprise the woman in your life with something beautiful that will make her feel special and show her how much you are thinking of her, you are definitely buying her lingerie for the right reasons and it won't go unrewarded.

  1. Pay attention to what she likes.

If your girl prefers a certain style of bras or panties, take note and look for opportunities to buy her similar styles that she won't feel completely uncomfortable in. It is ok to branch out slightly and pick something that is a little different, but if the woman in your life has a tendency to wear waist-high panties, she likely won't be comfortable taking a sudden leap into wearing thongs. Instead, you should purchase something with a decent amount of coverage that is still sexy. She will appreciate the gesture and the next time you purchase new lingerie for her, she will likely be more comfortable taking it a step further and wearing an even more revealing style.

  1. Purchase the basics in the right size.

Before you begin purchasing kinky body suits or ultra-seductive teddys, find out her bra and panty size and purchase her a beautiful new bra and panty set. It may not be ultra-exciting for you, but it is a safe way to test the waters and see what she is comfortable in. Plus you will get extra-points when she realizes you were thoughtful enough to purchase her lingerie in exactly the right size.

  1. Make her feel beautiful.

It is a good idea to always search for opportunities to make the woman you love feel special and beautiful, but it is especially important when she is stripped down to the lingerie you purchased for her. Take your time adoring her and her body when she wears the lingerie you gave to her. Remember, that women particularly need verbal affirmation, so tell her exactly what you think when you see her looking sexy for you.

As tricky as it may be to purchase lingerie for your woman, it is a skill that is worth learning. It can strengthen your bond, revitalize your sex life, and it's a great way to let her know how irresistible you find her. When your woman knows she is loved and appreciated by you, your relationship can truly soar to new heights.

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