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A Guide to Buying Lingerie as a Gift

It seems romantic and thoughtful to buy lingerie as a gift, especially on an anniversary. However, the task of acquiring beautiful underwear for your partner can be a lot more challenging than you might expect. The following straightforward guide will help you to please your partner and avoid awkward disasters. Step one: learn about her sizes It is certainly useful to know your partner's bra size. Buying something that fits will communicate that you are...
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The Proper Way to Take Care of Your Bras

Sizing yourself and finding a correctly fitting bra takes time and money. Once you've found your dream bra, though, don't let negligence cut its life short. When it comes to these delicate wardrobe items, a little care and maintenance will help you keep them looking new for years. Here's how. Wear without the tear Every time you wear your bra, your skin's natural oils rub off onto the fabric, eventually breaking down elastic, lace and padding. Avoid thi...
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Buying Lingerie That the Woman in Your Life Will Actually Wear

Countless men have bought lingerie for their wife or girlfriend only to have it wind up in the bottom of her lingerie drawer after wearing it once, if at all. If you are looking to buy the kind of lingerie you'll love to see, and that the lady in your life will love wearing, look no further! Here are four tips for purchasing the king of lingerie that you will both enjoy. Before you shop, check your motives. For women, romance begins long before you...
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